How do message limits work?

In Effixient, there are message limits which is designed to limit the number of messages that can be sent by each user. This is done to preserve an organisation's TalentManager message allowance.

However, it can be confusing as there are also limits imposed by XING, and these function similarly, but slightly differently, to the Effixient limits.

First of all, message limits only apply to TalentManager plans. The Standard XING version of Effixient does not currently impose message limits.

XING's Message Limits

XING gives each Company using TalentManager an allowance for all users in the TalentManager account to share. The limit is enforced at the company level, not that of each individual user.

Depending on the type of TalentManager license, the amount of messages varies:

  • TalentManager Standard: 300 messages per user, per month
  • TalentManager Plus: 1000 messages per user, per month

Even though the amounts are 'per user', the limits are applied at the company level. So if you have 10 TalentManager Plus licenses, 10 users x 1000 messages = 10,000 messages per month for your company, to split however you want.

Effixient's Message Limits

Effixient's standard message limit for the Effixient Pro plan is 1000 TalentManager messages per month. Your plan may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Similarly to XING, we assign this limit to the company. However, in the 'Team' page, we allow company administrators to change each individual user's sending limit. This is to be able to manage a message limit across a larger organisation.

Why does Effixient say a different number of remaining messages than XING does?

Effixient's message limit and XING's message limit will often not be exactly the same. This is because of:

  • Sending messages to profiles you are already connected with - this DOES use up your Effixient message limit, but does NOT use up your XING message limit.
  • Sending messages in TalentManager, not via Effixient - Effixient does not track these, and therefore this does not deplete your Effixient message limit.

If you need more Effixient messages to use up your company allowance, additional messages can be added to your plan. Reach out to us via our support channels (live chat, and we will be happy to help.

What about follow-ups?

Follow-up messages are just considered to be replies in the same conversation as the initial message. TalentManager actually limits "convesations started to non-contacts" - therefore, follow-up messages are not included in the message limit by either XING or Effixient.

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